Spongelle: Body Buffer Trio Set


Everything you love about Spongellé in a beautifully packaged trio set. Accepted on all airlines, nothing to spill, nothing to break, and everything you need for soft and youthful skin.

Body Buffer Trio Set includes 3 full size Body Wash Infused Buffers in Passionfruit Spritz, Mandarin Mojito, and Peach Bellini. Each pre-filled body wash buffer is good for 15+ uses each.

Fragrance Notes
Passionfruit Spritz
Top: Blood Orange, Starfruit, Gerandine
Middle: Passionfruit, Mango Water, Dahlia Flower
Base: Sandalwood, Aquatic Musk

Mandarin Mojito
Top: Orange Flower, Magnolia, Green Vines
Middle: Jasmine Buds, Tuberose, Ylang
Base: Sandalwood, Musk, Amber

Peach Bellini
Top: Peach Water, Garden Greens, Touch of Mint
Middle: Geranium, Basil, Flowering Sage
Base: Vetiver, Crisp Musk